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Welcome to H2H, a Bowman company

H2H, a Bowman company is a team of highly qualified professionals, each bringing their own unique expertise and experience to provide our clients with cost-effective and responsive services. We are a focused consulting firm that brings over 80 years of combined geologic, hydrogeologic, geophysical, hydrographic, engineering, environmental, construction management and survey & mapping services.

At H2H, we provide our federal, state, local and private clients with innovative, reliable and solutions-driven results. The early and continued success of our firm is demonstrated by the projects we’re awarded and the excellent ratings we receive.

As of December 2022, H2H Geoscience Engineering, PLLC has officially joined Bowman.

Bowman is a national professional services firm offering multi-disciplinary engineering, planning, surveying, geomatics, construction management, environmental consulting, landscape architecture, and right-of-way acquisition. This change provides a strong foundation for us to merge our comprehensive skillsets while offering the same level of commitment to our clients and employees. To learn more, visit bowman.com.

Mining and Minerals

Mining and Minerals

H2H has conducted and managed nearly every aspect of well over 100 mine permitting and planning efforts in our history as a consulting firm. From minor map changes to full blown, multi-thousand acre greenfield exploration, siting and permitting projects.

Mobile Mapping

LiDar, Scanning and Mapping

H2H continues to be a pioneer in the utilization of the latest in Mobile Mapping technology to provide our clients with highly accurate geospatially referenced 3D datasets.

Construction Services Homepage

Construction Services

H2H has the necessary personnel with over 20 years’ experience to provide customers with a turnkey solution to any project.

Stockpile Physical Inventory

Stockpile Physical Inventory

H2H utilizes the latest in surveying technology to provide highly accurate and cost effective physical inventory solutions in the safest manner possible.

Point Cloud Processing - Data Management

Point Cloud Processing

H2H is a leader in Point Cloud Processing / Data Management, specializing in creating a working geospatialy referenced 3-D / 2-D model form any LiDAR, Echo sounding, and photogrammetry data set.

Hydrogeologic Consulting

Hydrogeologic Consulting

H2H’s dedicated team of professionals have served in a number hydrogeological complex environments, giving us the experience to solve even the most challenging of hydrogeological anomalies.

Environmental Services

Environmental Services

H2H’s Environmental Services Group supports all of H2H’s business sectors and provides independent environmental consulting services to industrial, commercial, legal, and federal, state and local public sector clients.


Geologic Consulting

H2H’s technical staff of trained professional geologists have served clients in construction aggregate and water natural resource development; subsurface geologic and groundwater characterization; and environmental remediation.

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“We were using a different laser scanning contractor when we became aware of the mobile laser scanning-based methodology that H2H offers, We made the decision to give it a try and have been very impressed with the results."

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