Yerkes South / H2H JV Partners to Speak at 2017 SAME Small Business Conference in Pittsburgh

The Principals of H2H Associates and Yerkes South will be giving a talk at the annual SAME Small Business Conference in Pittsburgh.

Since early 2016, the Small Business Administration has implemented and finalized the “All Small Mentor Protégé Program.” With simplified methods and updated rules, this program has opened new doors and changed the way many people do business. Since its release, several changes have been made to the federal regulations governing this program and have affected other programs such as Joint Venture’s.

Christine Yerkes (Yerkes South) and Dr. Richard Hisert (H2H) will discuss their experience in forming their Joint Venture, Yerkes South / H2H JV, LLC and offer advice on being a small business, the realities of being a mentor, and how to develop a Joint Venture. They will discuss the rules, challenges, pitfalls, lessons learned and their successes to aid others in making their experience with these programs a bit faster and easier.

Navigating The Mentor Protege/Joint Venture Maze

Friday, November 15th, 2017

9:50 AM – 10:50 AM 

Room: 301- 302

Speakers: Cdr. Christine Yerkes, USN (ret), Yerkes South, Inc. &  Dr. Richard Hisert, PG, H2H Associates, LLC



Tilcon, NY 

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