Yerkes South – H2H JV has Performed a Hydrographic Survey at Ellis Island

Yerkes South – H2H JV team member H2H Geoscience Engineering is partnering with Weeks Marine and completed a Hydrographic Survey on the historic seawall that surrounds Ellis Island.  The bathymetric and side-scan sonar data taken from the entire perimeter of Ellis Island will aid in the Seawall Stabilization Project, funded by the National Park Service.  

Over the years, part of the island’s aging seawall has been deteriorating, which left unattended, can lead to sinkholes and loss of fill.  The data provided by our team will help develop a design to structurally restore this seawall, prevent further damage, and ensure public safety.  In addition, the Hydrographic Survey will help identify potential historic artifacts to be recovered in New York Harbor.

Ellis Island is a historical site in New York Harbor that was the country’s largest and most active immigration station, processing over 12 million immigrants from 1892 to 1954.  Located at the mouth of the Hudson River, Ellis Island is now a popular tourist attraction, providing visitors with the opportunity to learn more about this National Landmark, which has been restored and transformed into a museum dedicated to the American Immigration Experience.

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Our team approaching Ellis Island to perform the Hydrographic Survey.
A close up of the granite seawall at Ellis Island.


Tilcon, NY 

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