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TALPAC-3D Software

According to RPM Global, H2H Geoscience Engineering is currently the only mining consulting firm using a specific mine planning software called TALPAC-3D.  TALPAC-3D combines more than 40 years of industry experience to deliver best practice simulations for miners.

What exactly is TALPAC-3D?  Trusted by the mining industry for its accuracy and independence, TALPAC-3D is an advanced simulation tool for evaluating the efficiency, productivity, and economics of truck and loader haulage.

What makes TALPAC-3D so important?  This software is designed to create mining simulation solutions, helping companies learn how to streamline their operations to produce the most value.  By giving clients the ability to evaluate their productivity and efficiency of their operations, H2H with TALPAC-3D software can provide mining clients with simulated complex fleet scenarios, yielding accurately forecasted productivity, improved operations, and reduced risk.


New York State Canal Corporation

“The H2H 3D marine mapping system is allowing us to make more informed decisions about areas that need to be manually inspected. We are in the process of adjusting our standard procedures and workflows to take better advantage of the technology in the future. The system definitely performed as promised,”

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