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Mine Mapping

H2H Geoscience Engineering provides cutting-edge mine mapping solutions to clients in the construction materials, stone, sand and gravel, cement and industrial mineral mining industries throughout North, South, and Central America. Our state-of-the-art mobile and static mapping equipment quickly collects massive amounts data from distance, eliminating the need for repeat survey and without requiring operational shutdown. 

H2H’s mine mapping technologies reduce the need for multiple surveyors in the field, minimizes exposure time of the surveyor, and limits their exposure to dangerous locations and weather conditions. Data quality is continuously monitored to ensure the highest quality 3D measurements and images. 


Aerial Mapping


Our unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), an eBee fixed wing drone, is a fully autonomous, high-resolution mapping drone that surveys large areas and transmits detailed multispectral or thermal imagery that can be used to develop orthorectified aerial photographs, topographic maps, thermal and multispectral images and point clouds for design, measurement, compliance and monitoring.   

The fixed wing style UAV allows for data to be captured to higher elevations than traditional drone imaging, allowing H2H to offer high-quality imagery for use in stockpile physical inventorying, reserves and quarry mapping, face updates, existing condition definition, as-built mapping, geospatially referenced photographs, urban planning, and more. 


H2H offers quadcopter mapping offers 3D modeling and mapping uses lidar and multispectral cameras to capture objects and land masses.


Terrestrial Mapping


H2H’s vehicle-mounted lidar mapping system quickly captures, processes, and delivers 360-degree, long-range 3D mapping-grade point cloud data. This all-weather system allows surveyors to access challenging land and marine-based environments safety, reducing time spent in hazardous environments. 

This vehicle-mounted solution allows for adaptability to the ever-changing nature of quarry landscapes and is ideal for performing whole site mapping, 3D rockface profiling, conducting blast analysis, conducting stockpile and volumetric surveys, and long-range hazardous access survey. 


H2H Associates’ mobile mapping technology precise above and underground mapping using a lightweight, handheld scanner that quickly and accurate performs detailed 3D modelling while on the move. With a 350-degree vertical field of view and 30m range, H2H technicians capture more than 43,000 points, including irregular surfaces in all weather conditions. The system’s processing software produces highly-accurate 3D point clouds and synchronized imagery of the survey area that our team uses to develop user-friendly and accessible data to fit our client’s unique needs.


H2H offers static survey imaging solutions that capture shapes, details, and coordinates with 3D scanning and precise positioning technology. Our static scanners capture millions of points to provide highly-detailed, GPS-located point cloud models.


H2H Geoscience Engineering is a leading provider of marine mapping solutions. Our state-of-the art dedicated survey vessel The Atlas, is equipped with combined MBES Sonar and geo-spatially referenced LiDAR and Multibeam data scanners for simultaneous above and underwater large-area bathymetric scanning and mapping. Our dual-mapping approach delivers detailed point cloud models generated in real time, setting a new standard for large-scale infrastructure projects, including open water inspections of locks, dams, spillways, canals, embankments, and more.

For reservoir and shallow-water mapping, our battery-operated Z-Boat performs hydrographic survey using laser-straight survey lines and precise positioning to capture and transmit multibeam data in real-time, allowing for post-processing and creation of point clouds. 


Tilcon, NY 

“We were using a different laser scanning contractor when we became aware of the mobile laser scanning-based methodology that H2H offers, We made the decision to give it a try and have been very impressed with the results."

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