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Mining and Minerals

H2H Geoscience Engineering is an established geologic, engineering, and environmental consultant for the crushed stone, sand and gravel, cement, and industrial minerals mining industries around the globe. We are MSHA Part 48 Certified and experienced in conducting and managing nearly every aspect of mine permitting and planning efforts, performing minor map changes to multi-thousand acre greenfield explorations, siting, investigation, and design.

Our team of geologists and environmental experts are adept in negotiating with state and federal regulatory agencies and developing solutions that adhere to environmental regulations, and working with clients to meet their sustainability goals. We routinely perform biological, air, soil, and water testing; complete mining reclamation plans, and water management assessments; and optimize a site’s operations to make them more eco-efficient and conserve natural resources and ecosystems.

These engineering and environmental consulting services are complemented by our cutting-edge mapping services which collect large amounts of high-quality image data at a distance for use in above and underground physical inventory, reserves and quarry mapping, face updates, existing condition assessments, as-built mapping, and more.

H2H Geoscience Engineering’s full range of services for the mining and minerals industry include:

    • Geochemical Block Modeling
    • Mine Planning
    • Orthorectified Aerial Imagery
    • Planimetric & Topographic Mapping
    • Resource & Reserve Reporting
    • Pit Optimization
    • Exploration
    • Environmental Permitting & Planning
    • Hydrogeologic Investigations
    • Expert Testimony
    • Mineral Valuations
    • Mine Permitting
    • Physical Inventory Services
    • Mobile LiDAR / UAS Aerial / Underground Mapping
    • Karst Investigations & Mitigation Design
    • Stormwater Design
    • Reclamation Planning & Design
    • Fleet Optimization
    • Source Report Preparation
    • Highway Stability
To learn more about our specific engineering services for the mining industry, please see our page on Engineering Services for the Mining Industry.

 Our Commitment to Sustainability
As a team of geologists and environmental professionals, H2H Geoscience Engineering’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond compliance.  We understand the impact mining can have on a community, and work with our clients to develop sustainability strategies that keep all invested stakeholders—from government agencies, to local businesses, and members of the public—engaged and informed throughout a project’s lifecycle.

By providing strategic stakeholder management for our clients, H2H manages risks and optimizes opportunities to make projects less impactful on the environment and for workers, while optimizing natural resources. Through detailed hydrogeologic and environmental investigation and advanced economic and geochemical block modeling, H2H develops safe, integrated planning solutions that reduce site waste, lower emissions, and benefit our clients’ business goal and their communities as a whole.

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Tilcon, NY 

“We were using a different laser scanning contractor when we became aware of the mobile laser scanning-based methodology that H2H offers, We made the decision to give it a try and have been very impressed with the results."

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