Geologic Consulting

Geologic ConsultingH2H’s technical staff includes professional geologists, from B.S. through Ph.D., who specialize in applications-oriented problem-solving for projects wherever and whenever geological expertise is required.

Our team’s geological skills, knowledge of geological processes and products, creative insight, and practical experience are applied to construction aggregate and water natural resource development; subsurface geologic and groundwater characterization; and environmental remediation.

Working closely with owners, land developers and other professionals,  we offer geologic consulting services ranging from basic studies and technical support to drilling and sampling, geophysical surveys, project management, and expert testimony. Specialized geologic consulting expertise is provided in resource evaluation, and applications in a broad range of geological settings throughout the U.S and the world.

H2H Geoscience Engineering offers the following Geologic Consulting Services:

• Geotechnical Investigation
• Geologic Investigation
• Geologic Modeling
• Core Logging
• Petrographic Analysis
• Bedrock Profiling


New York State Canal Corporation

“The H2H 3D marine mapping system is allowing us to make more informed decisions about areas that need to be manually inspected. We are in the process of adjusting our standard procedures and workflows to take better advantage of the technology in the future. The system definitely performed as promised,”

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