Data & Records Management

Records Managment

H2H Geoscience Engineering provides environmental records management services under several regulatory programs for an institutional client in Northeastern U.S. We perform this work in accordance with established program guidance and standard operating procedures and in close cooperation with a major subcontractor. Utilizing full-time and part-time staff at client’s offices and on-site, we retrieve, review, cull, sort, and codify documents from completed and active projects for electronic and hard copy archiving.

H2H determines if critical documents are missing from the records and performs corrective measures to complete the file documentation. These activities are performed under rigorous proprietary quality control protocols. Records management activities include maintaining databases for document status tracking, monitoring well inventories, and managing information systems.


Braen Stone

“The speed [of H2H's mobile LiDAR physical inventory service] is remarkable, and we have a high degree of confidence in the results”

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