Mine Planning and Permitting – Texas

Buzzi Unicem USA, Mine Planning, Maryneal, TX. Client manager for this cement manufacturing and 1.5 million ton per year mining client. Managed preparation of a comprehensive mining and reclamation plan that includes geologic, reserves estimates and operational changes, a dewatering analysis as the site progresses over the next 100 years. H2H evaluated the sites geologic and geochemical setting and devised the excavation sequence and reclamation plan associated with the future (100 yr) plan for the operation.

Edwards Aquifer Authority (EAA), Quarry-Reservoir Study, San Antonio, Texas. H2H Staff were the principal investigators for the EAA that developed a three-county wide initiative to develop the potential to work with the mining industry and evaluate the potential to turn active and inactive quarries into reservoirs for use by the EAA. H2H staff met with various mining companies, evaluated their mine and reclamation plans, made suggestions on how the plans might differ if used as a reservoir post and during mining and evaluated a liner system that could be used to store water in the reservoirs.


Green Field Siting Studies – Texas

Confidential Client, San Antonio-Austin, Texas. Greenfield Siting study for new mining operation. H2H conducted a GIS-desktop study employed remote sensing aerial and land based sensing techniques to determine the ideal location to site and permit a new mining operation in southwestern Texas. Follow-on site investigations, three drilling campaigns took place across a 5,000 acre area to evaluate reserves and develop a permitting plan for new aggregate operation.


New York State Canal Corporation

“The H2H 3D marine mapping system is allowing us to make more informed decisions about areas that need to be manually inspected. We are in the process of adjusting our standard procedures and workflows to take better advantage of the technology in the future. The system definitely performed as promised,”

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