South Carolina

Mine Planning and Permitting – South Carolina

Argos Cement USA. Harleyville, South Carolina. Client manager for this cement operation that produces up to 1 million tons per year of cement. Managed preparation of a 5,000 foot drilling campaign, developed a 3d geochemical block model, developed a series of comprehensive mining and reclamation plans that include geologic, reserves estimates and operational changes, a dewatering analysis, geotechnical evaluation, hydrogeologic assessment as the site progresses over the next 100 years.

Under the Bluff Quarry Co., Comprehensive Mining, Reclamation and Permitting Plan Columbia, South Carolina. H2H provides, mine permitting, mine planning, reserve estimates, site engineering, and reclamation planning consulting services for this proposed 300 acre crushed stone operation in South Carolina. H2H is the lead consultant in the county rezoning, planning and state of SC permitting for this client. Planning activities include the assessment of environmental impacts such as noise, visual, storm water, ground water and blasting as well as the overall design of quarry and the final reclamation for the site.


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