Mine Planning and Permitting – Pennsylvania

Hercules Cement Company, Comprehensive Mining, Reclamation and Permitting Plan, Stockertown, Pennsylvania . H2H represents this cement manufacturing and 1.5 million ton per year mining client. Managed preparation of a comprehensive permitting, mining and reclamation plan that includes reserves estimates, geologic and operational changes, a dewatering analysis that evaluated and refined a 60-mgd dewatering system and a stream lining plan to mitigate groundwater and surface water seepage into the quarry. Managed a comprehensive mining permit from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection for all surface water, groundwater, blasting, overburden storage and mine planning requirements. Performed site permitting and design for a major stream modification permit through the PADEP and the ACOE.

Hercules Cement Co, Stream Relocation Project, Stockertown, PA. This project dealt with the relocation of approximately 1,000 linear feet of a stream adjacent to the Hercules Cement Quarry to allow for the reclamation of preact highwalls. H2H directed the hydraulic modeling program HEC-RAS to design a new stream channel that would be able to contain a two-year storm event. Geotechnical and environmental guidelines were utilized to appropriately design the new channel cross section. The bedrock formation at the site is karstic limestone that consisted of highly jointed porous media; therefore, the stream channel had to be designed with a liner system to prevent and reduce water infiltration into the quarry.


Physical Inventory – Pennsylvania

Pennsy Supply, Annville, PA. Approximately 40 sites throughout eastern PA, NJ, MD, DE for end of year inventory.


Green Field Siting Studies – Pennsylvania

Confidential Client, PA. A state-wide GIS study was conducted to site a new cement plant and cement mining operation. GIS-desktop study was completed to determine the ideal location to site and permit a new cement plant to replace an aging cement facility in eastern Pennsylvania. Five target areas throughout the PA were selected based upon specific siting criteria, rail, infrastructure, zoning, geologic conditions and explored in greater detail.


Mining Hydrogeology and Impact Assessment – Pennsylvania

Hercules Cement Co, Stream Lining Project, Stockertown, PA. H2H Staff directed a two million dollar program to design and construct a series of liner systems in the Bushkill Stream which borders Hercules Cement’s Stockertown Quarry. Water from the stream historically leaked into the quarry through karstic features forcing the quarry into expensive dewatering efforts. The project included the design and layout of a 130 million gallon per day (MGD) stream bypass, so that the liner system could be installed during dry conditions. To date, the quarry has seen a 15 MGD reduction in infiltration.

Hercules Cement, Groundwater Investigation and Monitoring Plan, Stockertown, PA. Client managers for the preparation of a groundwater work plan and implementation of a groundwater investigation. The purpose of the investigation was to address the karstic terrain surrounding the 300-acre cement quarry. The work consisted of drilling over 1,200 feet of monitoring wells, stream gauging, down hole geophysics, photolineament analysis, aquifer testing, resistively analysis and geologic mapping. The groundwater report detailed the hydrogeologic setting of the quarry and evaluated the impact of dewatering on the surrounding water table and the generation of sinkholes in the region.


Tilcon, NY 

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