H2H Geoscience Engineering welcomes Kevin Gildea, E.I.T, G.I.T.

H2H Geoscience Engineering has welcomed Kevin Gildea to the team as a Project Geological Engineer.  Kevin has most recently worked as a Water Resources Project Engineer in New York and New Jersey and Staff Geologist and Geophysicists in the central US. At H2H Geoscience Engineering, Kevin will be managing projects with both a geologic and engineering focus.

Gildea is an accomplished professional with diverse experience in both the Geology and Engineering fields.  He received a Bachelor of Science in Geological Engineering and a second Bachelor of Science in Geology and Geophysics from the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Wisconsin. 

Kevin excels when designing and managing construction management duties on various engineering projects.  His expertise is in compiling and analyzing data in the geospatial field, allowing the creation and implementation of the best engineering solutions to a problem. 

“Kevin brings a wealth of knowledge, diversity and experience to our team.  He is a perfect fit for our organization and we are thrilled to have him on board.” said Richard Hisert, Ph. D. PG and owner of H2H Geoscience Engineering.

For more information about H2H comprehensive engineering consulting services, visit www.h2hg-e.com or call 518.270.1620.


Tilcon, NY 

“We were using a different laser scanning contractor when we became aware of the mobile laser scanning-based methodology that H2H offers, We made the decision to give it a try and have been very impressed with the results."

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