H2H Geoscience Engineering Acquires Innovative Mapping Technologies

H2H Geoscience Engineering is pleased to announce that it has acquired Innovative Mapping Technologies (IMT) of Vero Beach, FL and Troy, NY adding to its suite of survey and mapping tools used in fixed and mobile mapping platforms.  IMT provided high-end survey and mapping equipment for terrestrial, waterway and aerial related mapping services throughout the US.  Created in 2014, IMT has successfully been utilized on projects nationwide for state, federal and private clients.  Using and developing state-of-the-art equipment, H2H gathers exceptionally accurate, high resolution data via fixed and mobile platforms under any survey condition.   The addition of IMT resources to H2H provides depth to their dual survey (bathymetric and lidar) vessel, fixed wing drones and indoor and underground mobile mapping technologies.  

Moveable Dam on Mohawk River | Above and Below Water Dual Scanning Project | 2017

Since 2005, H2H has been an innovator and leader in mapping technology and point cloud processing while providing Engineering, Construction Management, Environmental, Geologic, and Survey & Mapping services to federal, state and local government clients, and private sector companies throughout the Americas.  For more information about H2H’s comprehensive consulting services, visit www.h2hg-e.com or call 518.270.1620.


Braen Stone

“The speed [of H2H's mobile LiDAR physical inventory service] is remarkable, and we have a high degree of confidence in the results”

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