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The Yerkes South – H2H Joint Venture joins Weeks Marine in the construction of the Living Breakwaters Project from the New York State Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery

Back in October of 2012, Staten Island was devastated from Superstorm Sandy.  The eastern and south shore neighborhoods were pummeled from the driving wave action, damaging or destroying many Staten Island homes and businesses.   The Living Breakwaters, an innovative coastal green infrastructure project, was engineered to increase […]


Yerkes South – H2H JV to return to Perform Additional Hydrographic Surveys at Ellis Island

Yerkes South – H2H JV team member H2H Geoscience Engineering continues our partnership with Weeks Marine to perform additional Hydrographic Surveys on the historic seawall that surrounds Ellis Island.  The bathymetric and side-scan sonar data taken from the entire perimeter of Ellis Island will aid in the […]


H2H Geoscience Engineering welcomes Austin Scheer to the team

H2H Geoscience Engineering has welcomed Austin Scheer to the team as a Staff Geologist. Before joining H2H, Austin worked in the higher education sector as a Research and Teaching Assistant for Binghamton University. His field experience includes studying and monitoring algae blooms of New York lakes with […]



New York State Canal Corporation

“The H2H 3D marine mapping system is allowing us to make more informed decisions about areas that need to be manually inspected. We are in the process of adjusting our standard procedures and workflows to take better advantage of the technology in the future. The system definitely performed as promised,”

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